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Why choose J.R.?


 “After hearing about Jorge from a friend, I had a free session with him which was really eye opening. As tough as it was to get through that curso linguagem de programação first workout, I was really able to appreciate how effective it is to have someone checking your form and providing valuable, personal guidance. I’ve been training with Jorge for around 8 months and I’m glad that I got started. I’m stronger, trimmer and more flexible…”

~ Tasha S., Oakland (Full review available on Yelp)

“Don’t wait, don’t make excuses, pick up the phone now! For me this was one of those situations that if I didn’t call right when I saw Jorge’s Yelp page, I probably would have put off making the call.  I’m glad  I didn’t! Best decision I’ve made in a long time!…”

~ Christina M., Castro Valley (Full review available on Yelp)