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What’s the Deal with Eggs?


Eggs are high in cholesterol right? The yolk in an egg is bad for you correct? Egg whites are better for you then regular eggs…. right?

These are a few questions that I’ve heard over the years when it comes to the decision of eating eggs. I personally love having my eggs sunny side up. Letting the yolk ooze it’s way towards my potatoes or run into a piece of toast. Egg whites don’t have yolk! But I heard they’re healthier for you so I guess I should cut back on enjoying my sunny side up oozing eggs right? Wrong! Instead of giving up my eggs I went on a hunt for the truth and this is what I found out:

  • Eggs are a perfect source of protein which contain all essential amino acids.
  • Eggs are loaded with vitamins and nutrients that help your eyes, your brain, and your heart.
  • Eggs are the best source of choline (though it’s not a vitamin) it is an essential nutrient that must be consumed in your diet to maintain good health
  • Choline is essential for cardiovascular and brain function and for the health of your cell membranes.
  • Choline in the egg yolk actually helps prevent the accumulation of cholesterol and fat in the liver.
  • Choline forms a metabolite in the body called betaine, which helps lower homocysteine, a risk factor for heart disease.