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Personal Training Solutions

I have fine-tuned the personal training process to offer my client’s the most comprehensive training packages tailored to help each and every client not only reach, but surpass his or her fitness goals.

During the training process I do my very best to identify each individual client’s strengths and weaknesses not only on a physical but on an emotional basis in order to provide the most effective form of motivation to each and every client. My goal as your personal trainer is to help institute a lifestyle change that you will be able to maintain after you decide to continue your fitness journey on your own.

Training packages include:


1) Nutritional Coaching: Jorge will provide a customized meal plan tailored to each individual client’s macronutrients using a flexible dieting method.


2) Foam Rolling and Flexibility: Jorge will assess your personal fitness level to determine the starting point of your fitness journey!


3) Laying the foundation: Jorge will teach you the basics- proper form, muscle activation and breathing techniques to ensure you’re exercising correctly as intensity increases.


4) Weight training/Dynamic lifting: As your fitness level increases from a weight training regimen Jorge will incorporate a dynamic high intensity training regimen to avoid plateaus and continue to transform your body.


5) Cardio: Jorge offers several options to meet your daily cardio goals within the gym which you can choose from but not limited to: boxing, elliptical trainer, treadmill, jump rope and sprints.