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21 Days, No Sugar No Carbs, Why?

There are some women in the office on a “21 day no-sugar, no-carb cleanse.”  They are on day two and already completely miserable.  Sound familiar?

That doesn’t even sound like fun. Really it makes no sense. A banana has sugar, are you not going to eat a banana? Bananas help boost energy. Apples have sugar, let me guess too much sugar? You do know apples help resist infection right? Ah yes the evil bad carbs. Carbs aren’t bad ladies. Actually a woman’s daily carbohydrate intake should be 45-55 percent. Carbs are an energy source. Why would you deplete your body of them?

I get asked all the time about diets. My response always is “I don’t believe in diets”. Diets are ridiculous, short term, and don’t teach you anything period. Diets are meant to go away. You wont diet for the rest of your life and what happens when the diet is complete? Over and over again it’s the same story “oh I lost this many pounds on this diet but then I gained it all back”. In some cases they gain it all back and then some.

My fitness tip is learn about nutrition. Take some time to learn about the foods you put in your mouth. Whats wrong about https://ebac.mx/power-bi a snickers, ice cream, or my favorite oreos? Have you tried those new marshmallow oreos? They’re awesome! I would never say I can’t have that i’m on a diet. And yes there is a big difference between having two oreos verses twelve oreos. Educating yourself on proper nutrition, having discipline, and eating foods in moderation is key. Someone once saw me eating Haribo gummy bears and said those are bad for you they make you fat. My response was “actually if I ate the whole bag then I would get fat. If I only have 17 of them I will have 31 grams of carbohydrates, 21 grams of sugar, and 3 grams of protein”.