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What does potassium do to the body a client asked me? My response was “it helps maintain a steady heartbeat”. For some reason I couldn’t get potassium out of my head. So I did some research and found out potassium also helps maintain cell integrity as well as electrolyte balance. If you are low on potassium it can make you feel weak, tired, and also have muscle cramps. I started looking up different foods that have potassium in them and came across bananas. Here’s what I learned about bananas:

  1. They have about 422 mg of potassium per medium sized banana
  2. A medium sized banana has 3-4 g of fiber
  3. They contain fructoogliosaccharides which is food for the good bacteria in your stomach
  4. Bananas get a rating of 12 on the glycemic chart which is in the low part of the medium category
  5. A medium sized banana has 105 calories and 27 g of carbohydrates